Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to read through our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions.

This is a collection of frequently asked questions that we receive most often.

My estate/complex does not allow trucks over 3 tons on their paving. Will this be a problem?

No problem. We encounter this often in estates and are able to cater for it.
We park the large trucks at your complex main gate. Then, we shuttle your furniture, with smaller vehicles, to your residence.
This keeps the estate happy by not damaging any of their paving and keeps you in good favour with them.

Do you provide labour as well, or only a truck?

We provide a closed truck as well as a team of experienced workers.
The size of the truck and the number of staff members depends on the size and nature of your load.
For an average household, a team of 5 staff members will assist with the removal.

Must we pack ourselves?

You are welcome to do the packing yourself, but we can assist you with this service if requested.
Packing materials can be provided prior to the removal date, and packing services, if requested, take place on the same day as the removal.

These services will be in a separate quote, and payment for the packing service is made on the removal date once the packing has been completed and the final amount has been determined.

Do you do removals on weekends?

We do removals on Saturdays, but we are closed on Sundays.
The quotations for Saturday removals are the same as for removals taking place during the week.

I only have 1 or 2 items that need to be moved over a long distance. Can you help with this?

If it is possible to assist you with a part-load / combined removal, we will definitely do so.
However, if it is not possible to combine the removal with another client’s, we would have to
provide you with a ‘private’ quotation on our smallest truck (4-ton). In this case the removal may become costly relative to the small load for removal.

Must drawers and filing cabinets be empty?

Preferably yes. If the drawers and cabinets have not been emptied, the furniture item is often very heavy and difficult / impossible to manage. Also, there is a risk of the heavier drawers sliding open and causing damage.
If possible, please lock the empty drawers and cabinets to prevent this from happening.
We do use blankets to secure these furniture items, and if necessary, we can tape the drawers closed.

What to do with all my keys?

Please lock all your wardrobes, chests and cupboards before transportation. This prevents doors swinging open during transit.
Do not tape keys to furniture as they can go missing. For this reason, rather collect all your keys into a marked envelope and keep it on your person, or hand it to our driver.

Some of my furniture is already scratched - should I point it out?

Yes, please do. Our staff receive training on how to look for damaged items. Declaring scratched or damaged furniture will make the removal process less time consuming.

Do we need to disconnect washing machines, water dispensing fridges and plumbed-in dishwashers from the water mains?

Gigi’s is more than willing to help you with these issues, however, we are not qualified plumbers and all work is therefore undertaken at your own risk.
Please isolate all appliances, from the water supply, by means of a stop valve or stop-cock. This will prevent possible damage to the property due to water leakages.

We have just cleaned our carpets in the new premisses - how can we protect them?

You can lay down protective plastic sheeting over your cleaned carpets to prevent them from becoming soiled. Flattened cardboard boxes work nicely as well.
A better option would be to delay the cleaning until after the move.

I am moving due to personal safety concerns. Will my new address be kept confidential?

Yes. Your privacy is always respected by Gigi’s. We will never divulge your information or current address without a court order.

Should I defrost my fridges and freezers?

Yes, please defrost fridges and chest freezers before removal. During the move, fridges and freezers could defrost causing water to leak out resulting in damage to other furniture items.

What about my pets?

Please read our section on moving cats and our page on moving dogs for advice.

How do I prepare for my move?

Moving can be easy and stress-free if you prepare.
Please read through our moving tips section, to help you with your preparations.

Question not answered?

Please feel free to contact us for any query that you may have. We’re always happy to help.