Most furniture removals companies will do their best to reduce staff stress as much as they can.. You don’t want your employees unnecessarily disturbed or distracted while they work. Before your office move, here are a few helpful tips that can make the process less stressful.

Before contacting our office furniture removal services:
  1. Visit your new office space and take measurements of large item to ensure the equipment will fit round corridors and through entrances.
  2. Draw a floor plan for desk layout and equipment.
  3. Show your floor plan to key employees for their advice and approval.
  4. Think about your preferred date – most office removal firms will relocate your company on a Saturday or Sunday to minimise interruption of the working day.
  5. Call Gigi’s Furniture Removals to inspect both the old and new office premises for an estimate.
Before the relocation of office furniture:
  1. Send copies of the floor plan and new office layout to Gigi’s Furniture Removals.
  2. Mark each piece of furniture and equipment that needs to be moved with coloured stickers or labels (such as one colour per floor or department) so we know where to place them in the new office. Inform staff of the colour codes.
  3. Don’t forget to clearly indicate any furniture or equipment that does NOT need to be taken to your new offices.
  4. Take extra care of the health and safety of your employees, don’t allow staff to lift heavy items, remember trip hazards, and make certain electrical wiring is organised. Rather let the professionals handle the heavier and more valuable furniture or equipment.
  5. Allow our relocation specialists to do what they are best at. They know how to tape up filing cabinets (which are usually moved full), box-up equipment and to wrap computers safely before packing them into their lorries.
  6. Remember to secure confidential files or documents. Arrange for any sensitive data to either be shredded or stored in secure safety box.

Bonus Tip!
Ensure you have an effective Internet connection setup before you arrive, so your employees have minimum disruption.

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